Terms and Conditions for Joining LNA Courses

1. Enrollment and Access:

By enrolling in the programs, participants gain access to mentioned courses with live sessions, study materials, documents, softwares and more.

2. Refund Policy:

Participants are eligible for a full refund if they choose to withdraw from the program. However, refund requests must be submitted within mentioned days (2-4 days) of program enrollment. After this period, no refunds will be processed.

3. Certification Requirements:

To be eligible for certification in any course within the program, participants must complete all required projects and sub-projects. This includes submitting assignments on time, attending regular classes, and successfully passing all examinations related to the course.

4. Class Attendance and Participation:

Regular attendance and active participation in classes are mandatory. This is essential for a comprehensive understanding of the course materials and successful completion of the program.

5. Project Submission:

Timely submission of projects and assignments is critical. Delays in submission may affect the participant’s eligibility for certification and overall performance evaluation.

6. Examination and Assessment:

Participants must attend and complete all scheduled examinations. These assessments are crucial for evaluating the understanding and application of the course material.

7. Code of Conduct:

Participants are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct throughout the program. This includes respect for instructors and fellow participants, adherence to the program schedule, and compliance with all program rules and regulations.

8. Change to the Program:

Learn Nepal Academy reserves the right to make changes to the program content, schedule, or instructors as necessary. Participants will be notified of any significant changes in a timely manner.

9. Intellectual Property:

All course materials provided during the program are the intellectual property of Learn Nepal Academy. These materials may not be distributed or reproduced without the academy’s express permission.

10. Dispute Resolution:

In the event of any disputes related to the program, Learn Nepal Academy will endeavor to resolve the matter amicably. Participants agree to cooperate fully in such circumstances.


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